A Spin on Cold Calling – A Better Way to Generate Business Leads


No one likes to cold call. Not the sales person who makes them. And certainly not the prospect who receives them. Its one way to sell – just not the best way to sell. And its getting more difficult every day.

If you have sales reps – whether inside or outside – or both – they need a steady flow of quality leads so they can continuously fill the pipeline and close more sales. Cold calling to determine need takes time and energy. The rep’s time is better spent talking with prospects that are known to have a need to buy what you’re selling.

The 80/20 rule applies in sales — 80% of the business is sold by 20% of the reps – this rule applies because most sales people are not effective lead generators. And why should they be? If they are professionally trained sales professionals, their focus should be on sales. Cold calling can be a drag – and most reps struggle with it. Rejection stings and it burns out sales reps very quickly. The faster business owners understand this, the faster profits will come.

If sales people are properly trained, their time is best spent putting those skills to work with prospects that are qualified to buy. Trying to find qualified leads through cold prospecting – whether by foot or by phone – can be an inefficient use of talent and overhead. There are better ways that can yield successful results for the sales person, the company, and the client.

But not all cold calling is bad. The secret to cold calling is this – it’s not who you know – it’s who knows you. If they know you, they will listen and maybe invite you in. If they don’t know you, you’re done. The hardest part of sales is getting known – but it can be done and its easier than you may think.

It’s a fact that only 2% of website visitors will take some kind of action – whether a phone call, an email, or filling out a web form — only 2% — but what about the other 98%? Most businesses spend quite a bit of money driving traffic to their websites using press releases, Google Adwords, PPC, social media marketing, offline advertising, etc, yet with all methods combined, only 2% of website visitors will inquire about further information. Now these prospects are real prospects who are interested in your products and services, but for any number of reasons, they go away and you don’t know who they are. You have no idea what products and services they are interested in or why they left to begin with. Over time, letting this intelligence get away can be a considerable loss of sales opportunity and a drain advertising dollars.

With Sales Fueled, businesses can use their websites as lead generation machines. Imagine how many new sales opportunities you could have if you had the ability to capture business information of those looking at your website in real-time. Your sales reps could call these prospects immediately and develop relationships with them early in the buying process beating out the competition These buyers want to learn more about your company — this is why they visited in the first place — they know about your company now — but they must be guided through the sales process. This is where a good sales person can earn his or her pay — it’s time to call these prospects and begin the sales process! The good news for the sales rep is that it’s a much easier phone call to make because it’s already known that the prospect is in buying mode, is familiar with your company, and is likely open to discussing their needs with you once a phone call is made.

Identifying these business prospects is easy with Sales Fueled. Sign up today for a 14 day free-trial. No credit is card needed!

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