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There is one place where a steady stream of sales leads can be found and is often overlooked by many organizations. Tens of thousands of dollars are spent annually on search engine optimization, Google Adwords Pay Per Click, traffic buys, re-targeting, banner ads, and the list goes on and on. These methods can and often do produce leads but some can take a while and be very expensive over time. read more..

Track Who Views Your Web Page


As a business, understanding which companies visit your website is critical, particularly those who visit your website but do not fill out a form or call. Think about how many new sales opportunities you can uncover by reaching out to prospects who are in the market to buy what you sell. They key is contacting them early in the buying cycle.  Sales Fueled helps marketers by allowing them to track who views read more..

A Spin on Cold Calling – A Better Way to Generate Business Leads


No one likes to cold call. Not the sales person who makes them. And certainly not the prospect who receives them. Its one way to sell – just not the best way to sell. And its getting more difficult every day. If you have sales reps – whether inside or outside – or both – they need a steady flow of quality leads so they can continuously fill the pipeline read more..

How to Maximize Lead Flow from your PPC Advertising & SEO Campaigns


If you run a business and spend marketing dollars on PPC advertising or SEO for your website, I am willing to bet that you are only seeing 1-3% of your traffic converting into leads. A lead is anyone who takes action and either emails or calls your company for more information. If this conversion ratio is true for your company, this means a whopping 97% of the traffic you are read more..

Tracking Prospects on Your Business Website – What It Is, What It’s Not (part 1)


It’s a well-known fact that the success of a sales business relies on good quality lead generation, much more so than it does on advertising. Although websites are a key means of promoting business and making them easily accessible to potential clients, the data produced by IT analysts on website traffic is focused on statistics, not sales. To generate actual b2b sales or for high quality business prospecting, you need read more..

Tracking Your Business Website Traffic – The Possibilities (part 2)

Sales Lead

The previous article spoke about how vital it is for a business to consistently be able to generate new high quality leads, and no doubt about it, how profitable it can be by simply identifying “ready to buy” prospects visiting a business website. Also, most business IT analysts can only provide statistics from captured website statistics rather than those vital, money generating leads, but all that can change through business read more..

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