How to Maximize Lead Flow from your PPC Advertising & SEO Campaigns


If you run a business and spend marketing dollars on PPC advertising or SEO for your website, I am willing to bet that you are only seeing 1-3% of your traffic converting into leads. A lead is anyone who takes action and either emails or calls your company for more information.

If this conversion ratio is true for your company, this means a whopping 97% of the traffic you are currently paying for is leaving your website to buy from one of your competitors. Even if your PPC campaign is highly optimized and your ad, landing page, sales copy, and traffic is converting at 5% or even as high as 10%, you are still leaving lots of money on the table in lost sales opportunities and wasteful spending. You need the ability to capture information on the prospects who are now getting away.

No website on the internet, no matter how good it is, can take the place of professional sales staff. This is one of the reasons for such a high rate of visitor abandonment. Most B2B websites do a great job expressing credibility and showcasing products and services. But what many B2B websites don’t do well in almost all cases is close the sale.

Several questions come to mind. If a sales person is needed to close most B2B sales, how then does a company who spends lots of money on Pay Per Click or SEO capture information on the prospects that leave their website without ever making contact? 97% is too large a number of prospects to let fall off the radar. How does a company find out who these business prospects are so sales staff can contact these prospects immediately while the prospect is still in buying mode?

The answer is right here.

Sales Fueled makes important business information available to our clients by tapping into several national server databases to provide important details about the business prospects viewing your website. Sales Fueled then tracks the behavior of each prospect and identifies the company by name, location, as well as the products and services they are interested in as they are viewing your website. We then email this information to your sales team at the precise time the prospect is viewing your products and services. The time to strike is while the iron is hot! In sales timing is everything. Having access to real-time information on prospects who are actively in the market right now and looking for a supplier to buy from is one of the most powerful pieces of information you could have in your arsenal. The Sales Fueled customer portal will help you manage your prospects in a way that helps you close more sales.

We receive countless stories of companies using Sales Fueled successfully. Depending on your industry, one sale can pay for the service for many years to come. A no brainier. Sign up for your 14 day free trial today and prove to yourself how easy it is to grow your bottom line in a very intelligent and clever way. No credit card is needed!

We are confident that not only will your sales people be pleased with the results that Sales Fueled will deliver, but so will you. Grow your sales and bottom line this year with Sales Fueled. You’ll be glad you did!

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