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There is one place where a steady stream of sales leads can be found and is often overlooked by many organizations. Tens of thousands of dollars are spent annually on search engine optimization, Google Adwords Pay Per Click, traffic buys, re-targeting, banner ads, and the list goes on and on. These methods can and often do produce leads but some can take a while and be very expensive over time.

A sales lead can be generated quickly and at low cost by simply tapping in to the resources you already have. Your website receives more leads than it is able to tell you about on its own. For most companies, the general assumption is that the only sales leads generated by their websites are the ones that people spend time filling out a form or making a phone call. These leads are the only ones that most businesses see and they assume this is all their websites are capable of producing. The reality is most people do not take the time to fill out a form or make a phone call upon the first visit, and other times they simply get distracted, leave, and forget to bookmark the website, ending up never coming back.

So what happens to these prospects – also known as sales leads – when they get away? They end up buying from someone else simply because their identity was not known at the time they visited the website and no one could call them to find out their needs and make a sale.  This a classic case of lost opportunity.

When it became clear to me that many companies, including my own, were missing out on these opportunities, Sales Fueled was born.  I’ve been able to personally convert many anonymous website visitors for my businesses into long term customers– clients I simply wouldn’t have known about without using this sales tool.

Every sales person in or out of the field needs targeted sales leads. The more targeted the sales lead, the more opportunities present themselves. I talk to sales people all over the country who use Sales Fueled and they tell me that they can’t imagine selling without it. I can relate, because before this tool, my personal B2B sales were no where near what it is now.

If you have a B2B website and are not currently tracking your visitors with Sales Fueled, you are leaving a lot of money on the table and your competitors are likely scooping up the lost revenue. Give us a call and we’ll get you started right away.

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