Tracking Your Business Website Traffic – The Possibilities (part 2)

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The previous article spoke about how vital it is for a business to consistently be able to generate new high quality leads, and no doubt about it, how profitable it can be by simply identifying “ready to buy” prospects visiting a business website. Also, most business IT analysts can only provide statistics from captured website statistics rather than those vital, money generating leads, but all that can change through business prospecting identification technology.

All you need to do as a company owner, marketing executive, or business website administrator of your organization, is tap into Sales Fueled’s technology, install it on your website, and start tracking, identifying, and contacting your website business prospects. It’s easy to turn these prospects into new clients when you know ahead of time what they are looking to buy.

As a sales, marketing, and technology company, Sales Fueled provides you with the necessary technology you need to identify your website business prospects and produce vital information for your sales staff for business prospecting. With our simple yet powerful system, Sales Fueled will help you get more leads from your website so you can make more sales!

As a person interested in making more sales– either for your organization, your sales team, or for yourself, you can benefit from our system by finding out who’s on your website and what products or services they’re interested in without any need for your prospect to register online or opt-in. The technology quietly translates the IP address of the prospect into a company name and location, all completely public, yet extremely useful information you cannot otherwise obtain. We aggregate the data, store it in your customer portal, and package it up in a straightforward manner and send instant email alerts with this information straight to your inbox.

Sales Fueled guarantees the highest return of investment for those who use the system. It’s no secret that the key to a good sale is knowing your clients and understanding exactly what they’re willing to invest in before contacting them. It’s also a pretty good way of instantly transforming a cold-call into a warm call without your prospect knowing what hit him! This simple, yet easy to use piece of technology can drastically benefit small and medium size businesses that are looking forward to expansion and bottom line growth.

The method by which you receive your b2b leads is safe and easy, all data is sent by e-mail and each alert includes twelve sources of pre-sale research, or in other words, twelve different pieces of useful information about your prospective business client.

Sales Fueled’s business prospect identification system is not just extremely beneficial for the growth and development of your b2b sales, but it’s also ridiculously easy to use. The software takes less than five minutes to install and it doesn’t need any maintenance, configuration or implementation. Just install and you are ready to begin generating actual leads for your business. You will be kept notified and updated with information constantly so that you have higher chances of reaching targets and sealing the deal.

And for those with extremely busy schedules, especially sales people who spend lots of time away from their laptops or computers, we have you covered. Sales Fueled was designed to work on I-phones, Androids and Blackberries making it easy to receive, call, and update leads while on the road.

If you’re not convinced of the potential that Sales Fueled can offer your business, we offer you an opportunity to try the service absolutely free of charge for 14 days. It’s a no strings attached trial, so if you’re having any doubts, you can benefit from Sales Fueled without the need to provide your credit card details. It’s a great way to test a whole new way of business prospecting without having to worry about any commitment and it gives you the chance to fully evaluate the potential it has to upgrade your business.

Signing up is easy. Simply fill in your details on the sign-up form and begin your 14 day free-trial immediately.

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