Sales people want to sell. Leave statistical data to IT.

Get LEADS from your website, not click statistics!

Sales Fueled delivers actionable sales leads, not analytical data. Web analytics products, such as Google Analytics, provide businesses with a wealth of information. Web analytics are valuable for search engine optimization, it’s just not what we do. Sales Fueled is different.

Sales Fueled is designed for sales and for generating leads. We are a sales person’s best friend.

What we do is:

  • Identify ‘who’ (by company name) is on your website.
  • What they are interested in.
  • Send you their business contact information.
  • Provide 12 other sources of data about your prospect.
  • Provide all information in real-time while the prospect is on your site.
  • Keep you informed at all times.
  • Sales Fueled is compatible with most major mobile platforms.

All of this is done without requiring the prospect to login or complete any forms. And your sales team can manage all of their data without ever logging into the system. All of the data you receive can be managed from your email alerts.

Designed by sales professionals for sales professionals, Sales Fueled is easy to use and has the necessary information your team needs to turn your website into the money maker it should be. Sign up today for free!




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